MATE Bystander Training: responding to family violence

Community members are invited to a special workshop at Leongatha Community House to learn new ways to respond to family violence.

“Bystanders” are all of us who need to play a role in any number of situations, from things that are overtly abusive to things that seem quite harmless but have problematic consequences.  Bystander training empowers us to educate, encourage and challenge those around us to do better.

A critical aspect of the bystander training is to provide concrete tools to help address problematic behaviour.  We are often socialised to be passive in situations, to “mind our own business”, and to not intervene in matters “that don’t concern us”.  MATE bystander training aims to take the “do nothing” approach off the table, and allow people to step forward in difficult circumstances.

The change begins with us.

Date:     Thursday 8th March 2018
Time:     9.30am – 12.30pm
Cost:      FREE

Phone 5662 3962 or email to book your place.

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